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Militante de la mémoire, Conférencière et Blogueuse.

Histoire du #Rwanda, Panafricanisme, Afroféminisme, identités.

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“Plus vous en savez sur votre histoire, plus libre vous êtes.”

Maya Angelou

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International Conference: Preserving Memory and Sustaining Gains in a Disruptive Age

#Rwanda #Kigali #GenocideAgainstTheTutsi 04/04/2019 This panel with young Rwandan professionals will focus on memory and the need to invest more in its preservation and transmission to future generations, in an era where disinformation and sophisticated forms of denial and revisionism pollute public discourse. As the next generation in the aftermath of the Genocide, how are we addressing the invisible challenge of mental well-being and how it affects all aspects of our life a

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